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the signal that we should start growing again as america. >> president obama says he is looking forward to working with the gop and other democrats on cutting the budget and trimming the debt. he unveils his new budget plan next week. the republicans roll out their proposal tomorrow. >>> virginia's attorney general trying to expedite taking president obama's health care plan to the speak. he filed a petition to leapfrog the appeal's court review and take the case straight to the high court. the republican lawmaker wants the supreme court to consider the challenge to spare states and the private sector expenses. >>> we are tracking a little snow that could dust our area tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is on it. he has got the details. and up next, a break through in the treatment of breast cancer. what it means for every woman and man who has been diagnosed with this disease. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? one near y
in washington the obama administration is keeping a very close eye on those developments in egypt considered one of the most allies in the arab world. we begin with correspondent joel brown. >> reporter: protestors erupting with joy on the streets of cairo moments after egypt's vice president announced that president hosni mubarak agreed to their biggest demand and resigned. tens of thousands danced and shouted some even lighting torches in the tahrir square. the egyptian military which didn't intervene during the 18 days of protest now controls the country. >> reporter: in a statement a commander said details about the transition will come soon and he praised hosni mubarak's decision to leave. president obama was in a meeting in the oval office when he got the word that hosni mubarak had stepped down and he watched on television some of the celebrations gripping cairo. >> the people have egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events unfolded so fast the white house had to scramble to keep up. hosni the administration trying to walk a fine
kfc commercial with an actor playing president obama, but is this chicken commercial in bad taste? you be the judge. up first, russia's most wanted man comes forward to claim responsibility for that deadly airport bombing. we'll have the story. stay with us. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? >>> another day, another demonstration in egypt today. the young google executive who helped to start the online revolt against president hosni mubarak is out of detention today and he immediately rejoined the demonstrations. that as egypt's new vice president announced an effort to reform the constitution. he's launch add committee to monitor that process. the angry crowd camped out in cairo. they are calling for action. >> russia's most wanted man says he was the one behind last month's bombing. that explosion killed 36 people and wounded more than 100 others. the bomb went off as they were waiting in the airport's international arrivals
with hate messages on them. the n word, antisemattic phrases. president obama with 666 scrawled across his forehead. >> i think that one is probably the most concerning. >> reporter: and a picture of the holocaust museum shooter with the words hero next to it. >> we are all government workers around here and to come and to park and to see something like that on a meter is horrendous. i was very insulted. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in the district. from the police and fire departments to public works which operates the biggest fleet, city officials are now scrambling to find out just how many vehicles with been bought or leased and at what cost. >> we will look at it to see where there might be disparities. >> reporter: questions raised by the media after it was learned that two luxury lincoln navigators were decembered for dc council chairman kwame brown at about $1900 each per month. he rejected the first sufficient because he didn't like the grey interior. he decided yesterday to return a second leased vehicle along with an apology to city taxpayers. the mayor during questioning
of cairo. other observers say it was the obama administration and world community that persuaded mubarak that his 30 year reign was over. $1.55billion in u.s. aid alone carries a lot of persuasion. >> they are trying to make sure that it happens in an orderly fashion and b, when he steps aside it's not simply him being replaced by someone from the military who is going to continue to rule in the same harsh way as he has. >>> egyptians and the supporters protested outside the embassy again today. >>> and as bruce johnson told us, embattled president hosni mubarak says he is not going to seek reelection. that announcement comes after days of protest, including a massive demonstration today in cairo where thousands of egyptians took to the streets. the egyptian president bowed and released a taped announcement that says he is going to step down. >> i shall work in the few months that are left of my term in office to implement all the measures to ensure the peaceful transfer of power. >> now the protesters want mubarak to step downright away, but the egyptian president says he's not going
. the redskins are gathering facts and have no further comment. thank you, brett. president barack obama's $3.7 trillion budget is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle. he layed out his priorities for 2012's fiscal year. with a $1.6 trillion deficit looming, the president wants to spend more money on education, transportation, research and development, but in return, he is proposing cuts or elimination for funding for programs, including some. the president called for tax increases on high income taxpayers and energy companies. >> even as we cut waste and efficiency, the budget freeze will require some tough choices. it will mean cutting things that i care deeply about, but if we are going to walk the walk when it comes to fiscal discipline, these cuts will be necessary. >> today is valentine's day, but this is the card that america was hoping to get from the administration. the card that says you owe more. >> the republicans are also calling president obama's cuts to timid. meanwhile, lawmakers are set to begin debate on the $61 billion in cuts for the rest of the year tomorrow. >>
to their marriages. 38% says it's caused them to postpone divorce or separation. >>> president obama trying to help those financially stressed- out couples. today he was speaking to some of america's business leaders at the chamber of commerce here in town. the white house and the chamber had a bit of a rocky relationship over the past two years. but the president is trying to patch things up. he says everything is needed to help this economy. >> you have to renew people's faith in the promise of this country that this is a place where you can make it if you try. we have to do this together. business and government. workers and ceo's. democrats and republicans. >> and the president also pleaded with business owners to start hiring again, to get people buying things and that would help the overall economy. he also talked about changes to our tax code and regulations, two major sticking points with the chamber of commerce. so then, is president obama's olive branch to the business community likely to be met with a handshake or a slap? since the november elections shall the democrats and republicans h
if it reaches his desk. >>> president obama is urging tim kaine to run for the senate next year. in virginia the president says the former governor would be a great public servant for the people of virginia and ought to try to succeed jim webb, who is retiring. several democrats say tim kaine needs more time to think about it and is still weighing it. they have to defend 23 senate seats and many are in swing states like virginia. >>> a version of president obama's dream act might be coming to maryland. the new legislation would allow kids of illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition for college. state senator victor ramirez says students should not be penalized for their parents' choices. he proposees two children that have been in school two years and if parents pay the taxes they should get the tuition. should the kids of illegal immigrants be able to pay the instate tuition after their family's pay maryland income taxes or is that somehow rewarding those that came into the country illegally. >>> if you didn't get a chance to spend some time outside today you, my friend, missed out. we fou
in cairo staged a major rally. president obama says that the egyptian people have america's support and he calls for an orderly transition to democracy. >> we are witnessing history unfold. the moment of transformation that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: the egyptian military announced that they are making arrangements to safeguard the country that have some worried that the armed forces may try to take control of the government and at least more questions about what the future holds for egypt. at the the white house, joel brown, 9news now. >>> and tonight, the u.s. state department officials are meeting about how this uprising is affecting american interests in the middle east. >>> a lot of people in our part of the world with ties to egypt have been holding vigils ever since the protest began some 17 days ago. they are watching literally every headline coming out of that country. tonight, reactions to mubarak's latest offer. many of them saying this just isn't enough. >> it seems like the sort of rhetoric he has been saying every time he
. >> that's nice to say but a new poll today says twice as many think president obama's cuts don't go far enough and some think they do. they have got lots of folks on their side. >> well, again, i don't think that this -- we will have to see how much the public fully appreciates what those cuts actually represent because similar polling has shown when you actually go behind the numbers and you actually describe to people what those cuts are they have a different opinion. >> do these new proposals, this idea of a $4 billion, two-week extension, is there room for negotiation here? >> this next week will start telling the story. you may not like the internal revenue service but if the government is shut down the irs will continue to collect money. they will process those checks coming in. but they will not process the refunds going out. >> so no refunds. that's not good news for any of us. again, congressman, does that mean someone can come to the table and say here is a deal, let's talk about this? >> i guess you could say that. i mean, you could say the same if it was someone on the democ
governor martin o'malley and his administration of implementing president obama's health care overhaul too quickly. the gop wants the governor to wait until the courts decide if the policy is constitutional before he takes any more action. meanwhile though, democrats are firing back. they say republicans are just putting policies ahead of people's health. >>> metro riders staying late in dc. listen up. the transit system is taking advantage of this long president's day weekend to get some track work done. from 10:00 p.m. tonight until monday night there will be no train service on the blue and orange lines between metro center. riders should builds in an extra 40 minutes if you've got to go that way in your commute. the red line shouldn't have any closures but work will be going on there too. >>> a perfect day weather wise but winds are quite literally blowing. or at least they will be. >> they are picking up. nothing crazy yet. dangerous winds coming tomorrow. record highs. this is a great day for april let alone february. record high 77 at national. breaking the old record of 76. dulles
of different programs. but the senate won't take up the debat for another week and president obama said he will veto the gop cuts as they stand right now. without the budget deal in d.c., federal workers could take a big hit and a long vacation. bruce leshan with a look at the impact the last time the government shut down. that was back in 1995. >> reporter: the smithsonian's museum closed, the tourists explained. parents tried to explain political gridlock. >> why did you shut? >> reporter: and federal workers worried about their bills. federal workers again -- ended up getting back pay when they rushed to work. but that may not happen. >> this time, i don't they will get it again since it's about budgets. >> reporter: and small businesses are likely to lose a fortune. at this cafe in the southwest federal center, this woman fears a whole lot of empty days like this presidents' day. two-thirds of her income is from federal workers in the offices that surround her. tourists spend just a few hundred bucks. >> could you stay in business at $300 a day. >> for now, big federally supported proj
. >>> tonight, president obama and other world leaders are calling for calm in egypt. that as new fighting broke out in cairo today. the streets erupted in fact to an all-out battle, the two sides hurling rocks and fire bombs. supporters of president hosni mubarak road in on horses an d camels trying to break up the uprising. >> president hosni mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly who he is by beginning this transition that is so desperately needed in his country and for his people. >> the state department still flying out americans on some special charter flights and so far more than 1600 people from this country have fled cairo. >>> a dozen tourists from virginia are back home after getting a flight out of cairo arriving last night at norfolk international. the group had been on a tour of the middle east and they were almost at the end of their trip when all the political turmoil broke out. >> glad to be home. it has been a long ride from egypt and an experience that i will remember the rest of my life. >> indeed. it is unforgettable. the group said the trip was very good. it was onl
obama has vowed to veto any plan that threatens the country's economic recovery. if he doesn't find a plan he can sign next month the government will run out of money and will have to shut down. >>> you could spend the rest of eternity on the virginia tech campus down in blacksburg. the university build something for alumni and staff and friends. it is adjacent to the alumni center. for $5000 you can purchase a spot in which to place your urn with your ashes after it is all over. the alumni association says more than 30 folks have already signed up. so, would you want to spend your afterlife on the campus of your alma mater? e-mail us at mailbag@wusa9.com. >>> will the warm up continue for the rest of this week? our hope that is does lie in topper's forecast and that's coming right up. but first, a warning for all the people planning to efile their taxes. you might want to listen to this. it is how to keep the hackers from stealing your information. and that's up next. >>> seven book stores in our area about 200 nationwide will be closing their doors for good over the next few weeks
obama presented 15 individuals with the medal of freedom. among them, former president george h.w. bush. >> wife is a testament that public service is a noble cause. >> other recipients included congress member, john lewis, basketball legend, bill russell. baseball legend, stan musial and yoyo. the medal of freedom is presented to individuals who made noteworthy contributions in their field and people who have enriched culture and made the world generally a better place. >>> caught on tape, a cop hit a woman with his patrol car. why the victim says she was walking in the middle of the road on purpose. plus, there's a new push to get drivers to get their hands off of this behind the wheel. why you could be pulled over for not using your hands free set. stay with us. >>> a maryland lawmaker is working to discourage even more drivers from using their hand held cell phones while driving. james malone is hoping to make talking on a hand-held cell phone a primary offense. now that would mean police could pull you over if they catch you. right now it is a secondary offense, which means they
that wanted to see the mandatory spending part of obama care. and they did some cosmetic amendments. but the real spending is still going forward. there are some conservatives who won't see that now. >> and the argument goes like this. these cuts are too big as they have been described and they hurt the economy. what do you say to that? >> i say that it is wrong. at the end of the day, our deficit is what's going to hurt the economy. it will crowd off capitol in the private sector. that is not what this country is all about. all the real jobs are created. >> and the good part of the deficit that we're talking about is cured by not extending the tax cuts. as the president tries to get rid of this and the republicans did not want that, why would you want that? >> it is a sure thing when you cut taxes. growth in the economy increased funding and revenue as you increase taxes now in the small business and you may show the job creation, but choke off government revenue. an irony that is a historical fact. >> all right, the taxes are staying where they are now. we'll show you what happens
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